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A long time ago I decided to do an exercise from a game design textbook. The exercise was to design a simple game around a territory capturing mechanic. I think the exercise was from the first chapter or something, but I got so very distracted after building that game that I haven't been back to the book since. What distracted me was that I decided to make it possible for people to make and share games that used the same type of board/moves. Finally, the resulting game editor/player is ready to share! I think this could maybe be a good tool for people to practice their game design without getting distracted by computery bullshit like I did?

I would really love it if you would try this out and make some games. I would love it even more if you would share those games with me!

Please Play Again

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Float around in a sea of encouragement. Can you get to the end? Of course you can!!

This game was made for js13k 2013, for which the theme is bad luck.

Spin Cycle

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Stop the spinners at the right time to progress, stop them faster for more points! Randomly-generated levels (if you want to call them that) and infinite mode! Is this a roguelike? no.